Wheelhouse #8

Calipers, Molds, and Foaming Filament

Wheelhouse is a newsletter for makers that covers new materials, techniques, and tools.

Foaming 3D Printer Filament

ColorFabb has announced modified versions of PLA and TPU that contain a foaming agent that expands when heated, which causes up to a tripling in size. CNC Kitchen puts it to the test.

Grow or Shrink a Silicone Mold

It turns out that you can use silicone molds to scale cast parts up or down. Already made molds will absorb mineral spirits and grow. Alternatively, by diluting the silicone with mineral spirits at creation time, the mold will shrink as the mineral spirits evaporate. TheCrafsMan gives a nice tutorial on how it’s done.

Caliper Tips and Tricks

Kyle Cothern gives us a bunch of tips and tricks on calipers — how to choose a set, how to use them, and what that little tail that sticks out from the opposite end is for. He doesn’t tell the secret of using conical tips for inter-hole distance, but he should.

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